a Kid called Beast

a Kid called Beast

a KID called BEAST is an augmented reality Digital Collectible project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain with an aim to bridge physical and digital culture through art, fashion, music and technology.
Behind this utility-heavy project is their lead artist/co-founder, Jaime Alvarez, who has worked on art directly for Nike, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Meta and Sony. The rest of the team is doxxed and includes experienced Web3 wizards, entrepreneurs and creatives.

The project will feature 20 factions, each consisting of 500 beasts, which will work as individual neighborhoods dubbed “beasthoods” in addition to the main community. Community decisions will be determined in a DAO-type structure for each beasthood and the project as a whole.

The project on mint will offer an industry-first. During the minting process, you will need to select personality traits. An algorithm will then determine a series of base traits for your BEAST and place the BEAST in its respective Beasthood. This creates a level of personal attachment and builds a strong community involvement for holders. It will be hard to part with your BEAST.


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