Advocates for Women's Education in Afghanistan

Advocates for Women's Education in Afghanistan

Advocate Women’s Right for Education in Afghanistan – Charity DAO latest NFT collection for the right to Education of Women in Afghanistan! This NFT collection portrays women of different races fashioned with various headdresses. Some are outfitted with amusement parks, airplanes, white doves, paintings and books, respectively representing some future desires of what they aspire to become or ideals they may imagine for their future.

We know education improves socioeconomic status and is one of the keys in escaping poverty. In 2018, more than 260 million children were not enrolled in school, accounting for nearly one-fifth of the global school-age population. In Afghanistan, the Taliban recently made a bombshell announcement banning women from participating in and limiting their Education. Thousands of female government workers in higher education have been told to stay at home. This decision has restricted a fundamental right to education for women and girls!

The rest of the world cannot now remain silent and hope that these bans are only temporary or will be removed. Afghan women are essential for the prosperity and stability of Afghanistan. Show your support for the Afghan women by supporting Charity DAO’s latest NFT collection – Advocate Women’s Right for Education in Afghanistan now!


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