Cool Shep Club (CSC)

Cool Shep Club (CSC)

Cool Shep Club is a collection of 500 generated 1/1 Sheep pixel NFT on Matic blockchain the first of it kind. Cool Shep Club is the first Community funded NFT project (CFNP) on any blockchain and also the first ever on Polygon blockchain. With only 500 Cool Shep Club in the circulation when we get trending and polygon users start buying our NFT they will be increase in the demand of our NFT which will cause the floor price to increase (low supply = more demand = Price skyrocketing). Cool Shep Club will be a stealth launch on Opensea, you will be able to get this NFT with a little as 10 MATIC.

Utilities of Cool Shep Club NFT?

holders will get access to our Private discord where announcement, giveaway and quiz will take place every week. NFT holders will be Airdropped $MEEP token for free when it launches, access to upcoming hyped or hot free mint on Polygon Blockchain. Our NFT holders will also get access to our endless runner game where your NFT will be used as characters in the game. You will need to connect your wallet that as cool Shep club to the game site so that you can be able to play it.

What do I mean by Community Funded NFT project (CFNP)?

We have seen many trends in NFT; gaming NFT, PFP, collectibles, 3D and metaverse, We will make CFNP to be the new trend, with this new idea we would like to be the face of a Polygon blockchain. Instead of VC funded project where only private companies invest millions of dollars into NFT project which in turns make cool bucks for potential buyers. Community funded project is here to do the same instead the project will be funded by the community i.e everybody will have a chance to contribute to the growth of the project by donating. We will have a public address where our community can donate in Matic only.


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