Degen Legends

Degen Legends

– We’re building a brand that proudly represents the Web3 degen community to the gaming world, breaking stigmas and bringing awesome Web3 games to traditional gaming audiences.

– Raised 1.9 million initially as a Gaming Guild / Crypto Gaming VC, we invest in, partner with and help grow Web3 gaming and gambling projects. We then cycle affiliate revenues we earn right back to our community with daily poker free rolls, gaming prize pools and more surprises in store for future holders.

– Our content team of pro gramers, lead by Y4SPLZ (Twitch’s #1 Web3 content creator) bring a variety of Web2 and Web3 gaming content to their audiences, exposing more gamers to what web3 gaming has to offer.

– Our Discord is a place gamers can meet new gaming friends, learn about NFTs and owning/trading gaming assets, climb the ranks through completing quests to discover new Web3 games together, and ultimately become Degen Legends.

– Building the “Perfect Gamer PFP” by artist Nathan Giordano, with art inspired by games like Borderlands, Cyberpunk, and gaming references galore. Also built with future gaming/metaverse integration in mind.


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