DOSI Weekly Adventure

DOSI Weekly Adventure

Get ready to explore DOSI Adventure and earn treasures!

Weekly raffle events are coming for you to earn world-famous blue chip NFTs as airdrop rewards.

Adventure period: 2023.1.12 ~ 1.19 (GMT+9)

Winner announcement date: 2023.1.26 (GMT+9)

How to Join?

Step1: Sign up for the DOSI Wallet.

Step2: Link the registered wallet to the DOSI Citizen site.

Step3: DOSI Wallet performs SMS verification.

Step4: Participate in Adventure using DON for participation cost. (Maximum of 5 participations per person per week)

Winners will be randomly drawn in accordance with the number of prizes.

Don’t forget! A new adventure for the “Bluechip NFT” airdrop opens every week.

Go on an adventure to find the treasure for Citizen Members!


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