Fractured - The Evolved Collection

Fractured - The Evolved Collection Fractured - The Evolved Collection Fractured - The Evolved Collection

2500 entities have been discovered upon PADs entry into the Waystation who’s origin cannot seem to be accounted for. Whilst they share similar traits to the Evolved Collection, these beings share no link to our current world and seem wholly imbedded within this new psychedelic realm.

After accidentally falling through the briefcase portal that led him to the discovery of the celestial Waystation, Hunter Ape Thompson called upon the entire Psychonaut Ape Division to join him on on his kaleidoscopic pilgrimage to this transformative dimension.

During this journey it is believed that certain traits from our evolving PAD’s “split” from their very being and coalesced within the psychotropic ether to give rise to The Fractured Collection: 2500 psychedelic beings who are a combination of Evolved PAD DNA as well as new traits birthed solely from this new world. Will they integrate and live harmoniously alongside our Evolved PADs only time will tell…

Entering the Waystation represents the first key milestone of the Psychonauts journey as they inch closer to psychedelic transcendence. The Waystation is brought to life as portals up open to new experiences and interactions for our intrepid explorers as the evolution of PAD focuses on creating immersive worlds that captivate, educate and entertain.

Transform and transcend becoming a part of the story as the Legend of the Psychonaut Ape Division continues to unfold.


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