The first newspaper robots on the blockchain – Futurebots
Be part of a limited collection of 365 NFTs

Our FUTUREBOTs show thought-provoking future predictions and aim to generate attention. The FUTUREBOTs are from the year 2050. Each FUTUREBOT shows the headline of the NFT World News Dashboard for one day. As a result, the collection is limited to 365 FUTUREBOTs. Each FUTUREBOT is unique in composition and has its own headline.

Show the world that you care about the future – that’s what our Futurebot stands for!

Additional benefits: You will get FUTUREBOTs of upcoming collections for a strongly decreased price. Also, you are part of an exclusive community of thinkers that will achieve unique achievements in the NFT industry and want to make their contribution to the future.

Disclaimer: Of course, we cannot predict the future in 2050. However, our FUTUREBOTs can. The best way to predict the future is to actively create it. We should all do our part.


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