Nuns on a Mission

Nuns on a Mission

Nuns On A Mission (to make you laugh) is a 10K collection of animated Sisters. They know that laughter, a good cocktail and baked goods, especially cookies and birthday cake, can heal just about anything.

To that end, their mission is to make you laugh with corny jokes, and stand up comedy. Where? In their Nun Comedy Club. Youll find it on YouTube.

If you dont think theyre funny, BEWARE.Theyll give you THE STARE. Or worse, bring out the dreaded ruler!


Join the mission  be a crusader!


If you’re a collector of the Nuns on a Mission we will feature your nun doing stand up on the Nuns on a Mission Comedy Club channel on YouTube. Good clean comedy with a touch of snarkiness only – they’re nuns after all.

Send us a DM (direct message) on Twitter with your nun’s token number, your wallet address and her joke or stand up routine. We take care of the rest.



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