Penta Bears

Penta Bears

The project, called Penta Bears, aims to create a large community of NFT (non-fungible token) artists and collectors.

The items in the collection will be inspired by the ideas of the owners of Penta Bears items.
The more items you own, the more influence you will have on the project’s ideas.

We have planned to host several exclusive events on “The Sandbox” and will offer free NFTs to those who participate in these events.

Our team is made up of anonymous Italian students, but we will reveal our identities to those who own at least two of our items.

Why invest in Penta Bears?
We are passionate and committed to building a large community and creating unique and hand-drawn pieces of art that represent our ideas and the people who support us. We want to stand out from the competition and offer one-of-a-kind items.



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