The Peanut NFT Club

The Peanut NFT Club

Peanuts are biased.

**__Peanut  are held hostages help them bring their Saviors back  __**

Peanuts were on a mission. Whole purpose of their creation was to build trust in their community **before arrival of their saviors**, but they were held hostage when they were crossing bear market. Help them fulfil their destiny to bring their saviors to Life.

`The Changelings`

To access ***Hyped 3d Animated Changelings*** ‘s Mint Page people need to have one of the Peanut.

Each Peanut is a Key in itself.

> Peanuts are  Biased they are giving so many advantages to Whitelist.

10% of whole project to Whitelist Only.

20% Extra in Royalty %

Burnable Option to have a safety Net. (Only for Whitelists)

Standard 1+1 Mint.

__**Join Peanut Whitelist today to be the one joining Something big in it’s early stage.**_


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