Wasted Alpha Omerta

Wasted Alpha Omerta

A meeting of the three families….

Following the litany of RICO cases in the 20th & 21st century, the most prominent crime families began struggling to operate in a digital age. Constant surveillance and the persisting fear of a wiretap rendered the code of silence known as “Omerta” to become a fleeting memory.

As organized crime weakened, a power void was apparent. Opportunists within the government seized the chance to launch an entire surveillance state and secure their monopoly on force. While order and living standards improved for the privileged, entire regions descended into darkness surveilled by drones and ruthless robotic police patrols. The technocrats sought to control every aspect of individuals’ lives, including what they could eat & drink and where they could live.

Unable to bear the tyranny any longer, a sitdown was called between the three families at a neutral speakeasy. The vendetta formed over a shared bottle of Irish Whiskey…

1500 Supply – 3 artists – 500x each

Every mint has a claimable physical bottle of Irish Whiskey featuring one of 15 labels.

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