WonderTrees is a collection of 1,000 unique NFTs that live on the Polygon blockchain.

Wondertrees were created to protect our climate and make the world a better place.

Even with your first purchase of a Wondertrees, you are supporting a German forest project on the island of Rügen.

Within a month, you will receive a certificate that lands in your wallet via airdrop.

Most of the sales and 50% of all fees go into the treasury of the NFT.

This will be used to support green projects together in the future.

Whether we jointly save a bee colony, plant climate trees or build a solar park will be decided every month.

The rarity of your Wondertrees and the amount in your possession determine your voting rights for the selection of projects.

The 1st and biggest project will be the foundation of the DAO. This is followed by the creation of the 2nd and larger NFT project.

Each Wondertree owner will receive both a free airdrop and share in the profits of the project. Have you always wanted to help create an NFT project?

Here you can – without any risk and with the support of an experienced team.

Let’s make 2023 a better year together.

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