Wood Elf Auction Club Mint

Wood Elf Auction Club Mint

The Wood Elf Auction Club (WEAC) inspires to be the world’s first marketplace-metaverse specializing in art and antique auctions on the Ethereum Blockchain. Online auctions of artwork and antiques, especially digital collectibles and NFTs, will be held 24/7 in our metaverse with a community of collectors.

The WEAC NFT is a collection of utility-focus 10,000 PHP NFT elves. Each of the elves is dressed in the finest fashion collections or elven armors, equipped with legendary weapons from different cultures, and in the most stylish haircuts or rarest helmets. The club consists of 5 main alliances, made of 19 distinct tribes from different habitats and are easily distinguished by their skin colour. Each of them is in charge of a specific category inside their respective landmark.

Holding a WEAC NFT grants you access pass to WEAC’s marketplace and exclusive holder-only benefits such as future drops, private events, and more. The most exciting benefit – each holder will receive a regular airdrop of an equal split of 25.5% of the total selling fees WEAC earned monthly. The amount will be airdropped to Ethereum wallets, starting 3 months after the metaverse opens.

​Story of the club:
“The Auction Club was founded by the legendary wood elf, Eraddus the Outlaw, soon after the II Great Elven War was over, with the good intentions to retrieve the Wood Elves’ lost treasures and missing antiques looted by other tribes. At the club’s infancy, many of the common folks from different tribes came to the underground club as a fence to auction off and trade stolen or plundered goods from the war ruins. Slowly and gradually, the Club became too large and caught itself in trouble for smuggling antiques. To preserve the history of different elven tribes and avoid cultural genocide, Provision for Lost Antiques was signed among the five alliances to make the Club legal and state that each of the 19 tribes must send out representatives to sit in the club on good terms. Centuries later, the Club marked its height in fame after the outbreak of the devastating III Elven War when auctioning off the sacred Ancient Scroll of Tanos to the notorious moon elf witch queen, Muuraline the Shadowblade, seven months before her disappearance.”

More details are available on our official website.


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